VIDEO: Get a Closer Look at the All-New Audi Grand Sphere

Audi’s second Sphere, the Grand Sphere, is the newest of all Spheres. If you’re sick of hearing me say “Sphere” then just skip to the video at the bottom, otherwise buckle up because I’m going for a record. Not only is the Audi Grand Sphere the newest Sphere, it’s also a very different kind of Sphere from the previous Audi Sky Sphere. Okay, that was a mistake, I’ll stop saying Sphere, now.


In all seriousness, this new Grand Sphere concept is very different the previous… concept. Whereas the previous one was a futuristic Art Deco-style roadster, with a very cool variable wheelbase, this new one is a four-door luxury sedan with an almost shooting brake-style design, and a hyper-slick cabin.

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This new video from Audi takes you closer to the Grand Sphere, showing off its interesting design and ultra-relaxing interior. The entire point of the Grand Sphere was to create an entirely new way of looking at luxury cars. So the cabin is very open, airy, and light. There aren’t any screens of any kind anywhere in the cabin. Instead, all displays are projected, which makes them infinitely customizable. Additionally, there’s all manner of sustainable, recyclable materials inside; from wood, to wool, to ethically-sourced textiles. Fun fact: there’s not an ounce of leather inside the Grand Sphere.


As a futuristic Audi concept, the Grand Sphere is also Level 4 autonomous. That’s always a bit of an odd topic because the car doesn’t actually exist as a road car and Level 4 autonomy isn’t actually available on any car and likely won’t be for at least a decade. That said, Audi is using this Level 4 autonomous concept car as the basis for its upcoming luxury car, which is currently nicknamed Landjet, under Project Artemis.

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Being Level 4 autonomous, the steering wheel and pedals can completely disappear into the dashboard and bulkhead, providing a relaxing experience for the driver to enjoy. The front seats even recline up to 60 degrees, to allow for maximum lounging. Even the back seat is a very comfy looking bench seat.


If the idea an autonomous lounge/luxury car is appealing to you, check this video out to see Audi’s vision for the future of luxury driving.


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