Video: Funny or Die pokes fun at Volkswagen

Okay, so we’ve all been hearing an endless wave of Volkswagen dieselgate news for the past few days. It’s actually getting tiring. Yes, Volkswagen screwed up, we get it. The track is getting old. However, the folks at Funny or Die decided to poke some fun at the German brand and it’s a refreshing take on the whole scandal. While it isn’t Funny or Die’s funniest bit, it’s good for a smirk or two and it lightens this whole situation up.

The video makes fun of both Volkswagen and ‘basic’ girls at the same time. Don’t know what a ‘basic’ girl is? Don’t worry, I didn’t either until about 15 seconds before watching this video, and I had to Google it to find out, because I’m not a teenage girl. But if you don’t know what it is, I’ll let Urban Dictionary tell you, “Something that is uninteresting, vapid, boring, or uncool.” This is an odd definition, because someone who would call someone else ‘basic’, including the characters in the video, wouldn’t know what the word vapid meant. Anyway, a ‘basic’ girl is basically this: Ugg boots, scarves and pumpkin spice lattes.

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In the video, these ‘basic’ girls are reading letters they wrote to their Jetta TDIs about all of the things they loved about them. But then it turns angry as they yell at them for not having as clean emissions as they previously thought. The hit the cars, curse at the cars and “break up” with the cars. While it’s typical Funny or Die dumb humor, it’s amusing enough to take a look. But not at work, decent amount of poor language. But if you’re not at work, check it out.

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