VIDEO: First Sneak Preview of 2018 Audi A8!

Audi is no doubt excited about its upcoming A8. For awhile now, the Audi A8 has been the oldest car in its segment, being surpassed by the BMW 7 Series and Mercedes-Benz S-Class. However, the Ingolstadt brand is ready to hit back with its next-gen A8 ready to debut as a 2018 model. And this new teaser video from the four-ringed brand itself shows off quite a bit more than we were expecting.

What’s probably the biggest talking point that Audi has made for the new A8 is its semi-autonomous capabilities. The brand is adamant that the next-gen A8 will come with Level 3 Autonomy right out of the box. If you’re wondering what Level 3 Autonomy is, it’s basically technology that allows the car to drive on its own under a specific set of circumstances until it encounters a situation it can’t handle. So the driver can defer the act of driving to the car on, say, the highway while they check a few emails and it will be able to safely drive itself for quite some time, so long as conditions continue to permit it. In this new video, Audi shows off some of its autonomy.

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The teaser starts off with the new Audi A8’s taillight up close to the screen as the car slowly pulls into a driveway. Then it cuts to the interior of the car, showing off its steering wheel, door panel design and its Virtual Cockpit. The steering wheel is pretty cool looking and looks funkier than anything the brand currently has. As for the door panel design, it’s pretty standard Audi fair but it looks very nice and has some nice wood trim. Then, the camera cuts to the rear, where the driver’s son is sleeping in the back seat, wearing a Spiderman hoodie. So the father takes the son out of his carseat and closes the door. He then pushes a button on the keyfob and the Audi A8 goes off and parks itself in the garage. From here, we get a shot of its grille and it does looks quite different from the old car and much better.

While BMW is the first brand to have invented remote parking, on the new 7 Series, this seems to take it to an entirely new level. On the 7 Series, and now 5 Series as well, you have to line the car up to exactly where you want to park it and then hold a button on the remote as it either pulls straight into the spot or backs straight in. It will only make minor steering adjustments to make sure it fits in nicely.

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In this video, the driver pulls up to the garage and walks away, while the car seems to turn around and back itself into the garage. It will be pretty remarkable if that is the case when this car finally comes out. Now, to do that perfectly every time, there might have to be some sort of electronic marker that you have to put into your garage so it knows where to go. But it may just be able to find available parking spaces.

Either way, it’s very cool and we get a good look at what the next Audi A8 will be like, look like and what sort of tech it will have. Audi has also provided some new teaser images of the upcoming A8, to go along with the video. It’s also a bit of a teaser for Spiderman Homecoming, which debuts worldwide on July 7. What’s interesting is that Audi claims it will be launching the new A8 at the Audi Summit on July 11, so it’s possible that the first time we see the upcoming A8 will actually be in the new Spiderman movie. We’ll find out soon enough. For now, check this video out.

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