VIDEO: First-Gen Audi TT versus New Audi TT — WhatCar Test

The first-generation “Mk1” Audi TT is becoming more and more of a fan-favorite sports car. Maybe it’s nostalgia, now that we know the TT as we know it will end after this generation, or maybe it’s the fact that its styling is finally being appreciated. Either way, its popularity is growing. So what’s the classic TT like versus the newest model?


In this new video from WhatCar, we get to check out a comparison between the first-gen Audi TT and the brand-new TT S Line.


Obviously, this isn’t a direct comparison test that determines a winner. The new car is better in every objective way simple because it’s twenty years newer. So it’s not really a fair fight. However, it’s interesting to compare the two, to see how far the new car has come and to see the similarities in the two cars’ philosophies.


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Despite being over twenty years newer, you can clearly tell that the new Mk3 Audi TT is related to the original Mk1. They’re styling is incredibly similar while also being quite different. Audi has done a good job of maintaining the TT’s iconic shape while also modernizing it enough so that it doesn’t look retro.


On the inside, both cars have very minimalist interiors with good build quality and materials but what’s more interesting is how driver-focused they both are. The new TT even lacks a central infotainment screen, leaving all MMI functions to the Virtual Cockpit digital gauge cluster, which keeps everything in front of the driver.


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Obviously, the new Audi TT is significantly faster but the old one isn’t too shabby either. The specific car in this test used the 225 hp version of the 1.8 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine so common of VWs and Audis of the era. While that’s a very healthy amount of power for such a small car, its turbo-lag is massive, which ruins the performance.


This is a cool video and worth a watch for any Audi enthusiast. Though, warning, it might make you want a first-gen Audi TT.



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