VIDEO: Fastest Audi R8 in the world breaks 244 mph in 1/2 mile

We all already knew that the Audi R8’s mighty 5.2 liter V10 engine was capable of some pretty astonishing power figures. However, it was never going to reach its full potential without forced induction. While its naturally-aspirated nature is one of the things we love most about it, tuners love to slap turbos on the R8’s V10 to increase its power beyond what it could do without them. Underground Racing recently took it to the extreme and made the fastest Audi R8 in history.

With UR’s X Version Twin Turbo System package, the V10 engine gets highly modified to handle the immense amount of power and torque it will make. It also gets a sequential automated manual gearbox, replacing the stock DCT that can’t handle all of the power.

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How much power, exactly? It’s somewhere around 2,500 whp (wheel horsepower), which is simply absurd. It doesn’t even sound like a real number. Just think about that for a second. The most powerful production car in the world is the Bugatti Chiron, which makes around 1,500 hp. This UR Audi R8 has 1,000 hp more to the wheels. Absurd.

All of that power makes it ridiculously fast. In this video, the Underground Racing Audi R8 takes to the drag strip to see just how fast it can go. After running a half-mile race, the UR R8 has officially become the fastest Audi R8 ever.

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Its trap speed through the 1/4 mile clocked at a simply insane 187 mph, whereas most performance cars do about 100 mph through the standing-quarter. But its half-mile run is even more impressive. Through the half, it clock a staggering 244 mph. That almost seems fake and we have a hard time believing that but it seems that they aren’t lying.

Peronsally, I’d still take a bone-stock Audi R8 V10 over this any day of the week and twice on race day, as its sonorous naturally-aspirated engine sounds about a billion times better. However, there’s no denying the impressive engineering of this car and its brutal, violent, absurd speed and power.

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