VIDEO: Evolve Automotive tests Stage 3 Eventuri Intake for Audi RS3

We’ve been following Evolve Automotive’s Audi RS3 project car for a little while now. Evolve does some really cool builds for Audis and BMWs but the best part about their work is that they make a lot of products as well. The co-owner of Evolve also owns Eventuri, the maker of some of the best intakes on the planet. So they work hand-in-hand to develop new intakes and products for the market and use their project cars to do so.

For an Audi RS3, Eventuri currently makes a State 2 intake for cars that are, well, Stage 2 tuned. It’s a much larger intake than stock and it also features smoother airflow, as well as carbon fiber construction to keep the air nice and cool. It’s a beautifully made intake as well. Evolve has seen impressive performance gains from it but some customers were wondering if it was bottle-necking more powerful systems. So Evolve and Eventuri decided to develop a new Stage 3 intake to see if that makes a difference.

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Audi RS3 Eventuri Intake


The new Stage 3 Eventuri intake for the Audi RS3 is simply enormous. It features a 4-inch diameter intake tube and an air-cone that’s almost as big as the 2.5 liter engine itself. The entire setup, cone and tubing, looks bigger than the engine and it’s far bigger than the Stage 2 setup. However, at the drag strip, Evolve noticed no significant performance gain from Stage 2 to Stage 3 on their Stage 2-tuned RS3 project car. So the intake doesn’t seem to be a bottle-neck on moderately tuned cars.

Next, Evolve is going to upgrade the engine in the Audi RS3, with a bigger turbo and a better tune, to create more power. Then, they will retest the car with both intakes and see how much power it takes to bottle-neck the Stage 2 setup and at what point the monstrous Stage 3 intake is necessary.

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