VIDEO: Evolve Automotive fits Audi RS3 with new MMS Adjustable Springs

One of the project cars over at Evolve Automotive is an Audi RS3 Sedan. Typically, they do BMW tunes and builds but they do have this one Audi and it’s very quick. That’s because it’s been given an engine tune and an Eventuri intake, which is their own product. Aside from the engine tune and intake, there’s been nothing else done to the RS3. Thus, it looked stock and, if you know Evolve, that just won’t do. So Imran and his team decided to test out some new MMS height adjustable springs.

According to MMS, these new springs not only improve handling and performance but also improve ride comfort, even when lowered. The beauty of them is that they’re height adjustable, so you can have the car as low as you’d like, or as high as you’d like. So if you want some increased handling but don’t want to lower it much, you can do that, too. Hell, you can even keep it at stock ride height, which not a lot of spring kits allow.

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At the front, it’s a pretty typical height adjustable spring setup, with a single spring for each shock and an adjustable spring perch. However, it’s at the rear where this MMS kit gets clever. The spring kit for the Audi RS3 actually features two springs stack on top of each other at each wheel. The top spring is taller and is designed to handle higher-speed bumps, while the bottom spring is shorter and handles low-speed bumps and an adjustable perch changes the height. According to MMS, this is supposed to increase body control while also improving ride comfort.

But does it? To find out, Imran ran the car stock with a mobile app designed to measure earthquake tremors to measure how bumpy the car’s ride was. Its average measurement was 1.8 meters/second squared. Whatever that means. However, with the MMS spring fitted, the Audi RS3 recorded a 1.6 meters/second squared. So it did actually make a quantifiable difference, which is impressive. Imran also noted that the car did feel more comfortable and was far better to drive, with better body control, less roll and more grip.

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So if you own an Audi RS3 and want to improve its looks, handling and comfort, go grab yourself a set of MMS height adjustable springs.

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