Video: EVO Drives Audi R8

We’ve already seen a video or two of the brand new Audi R8, but it’s so damn good looking and sounds so incredible that we’re going to look at another. The good thing about this video review by EVO is the fact that they spend more time on the road that most of the others, as opposed to the race track. The road is where most people will drive their Audi R8s, so it’s road manners that are most important.

The video starts discussing some of the things we all loved about the original Audi R8 and how it came to be. In this segment, we learn of the massive shoes that the second-gen Audi R8 must fill. Well, once we hear that screaming V10, we learn that those shoes have been filled.

On the road, the R8 is buttoned down, tight and composed. The suspension is firm but not stiff enough to get upset over bumps. It just flies down the road with the utmost confidence. The engine screams to redline and makes one of the best noises in the business. The model being driven was the 610 hp Audi R8 V10 Plus, which helps its case for character. The 7-Speed S-Tronic gearbox handles the shifts and does a fantastic job. Shifts are quick and precise, providing a seamless wave of power. When everything is put in Comfort Mode, the R8 V10 Plus becomes a quite and comfortable cruiser, making the R8 a great daily driver as well as a hardcore sports car.

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2016 Audi R8 - Rear In Motion
2016 Audi R8 – Rear In Motion

On track, the R8 becomes a weapon. The previous Audi R8 tended to understeer quite a bit on the track, but this new one doesn’t. In fact, it will even give a bit of oversteer on corner entry, under power. It’s a balanced car with precise steering and superb dynamics. The Audi R8 will make a fantastic track car, should any owner have the courage to take it there.

We’ve seen videos of the R8 before and this isn’t much different, but do you really need an excuse to watch Audi R8 videos? I didn’t think so. So check it out, listen to that V10 scream and dream of hitting the lottery.

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