VIDEO: Eventuri Audi RS3 goes to VMAX 200

If you haven’t seen a VMAX 200 event, it’s an event held at an old RAF base on a massive airstrip where high-performance cars can put their top speeds to the test. In this new video from Eventuri, we take a look at their tuned Audi RS3 and what it can do on an open airstrip.

Eventuri is a high-end tuner based in the UK but they’re most known for their beautiful air intakes. The gorgeous carbon fiber intake fitted to this Audi RS3 looks like a work of art under the hood. That’s not the only performance modification done to the car, though. It has a new downpipe and a new tune as well. It was going to get a Stage 2 tune but they ran into fueling issues so they had to dial it back to a “Stage 1-Plus” tune.

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The main purpose for this exercise, though, was to test the Eventuri intake. After several runs with the new intake in place, they were able to record a GPS-verified top speed of 184 mph (it said 190 mph on the speedo but that’s never exactly accurate). That’s a good time for a little Audi RS3. What’s interesting, though, is the fact that, after those runs, they put the stock air box on it and ran it again. With the stock air box and intake, they could only record a 176 mph top speed. That’s a huge difference in speed from just an air intake. They also noted that the stock intake made the car feel noticeably less aggressive.

It seems as if they were surprised by the results as well. While they likely expected some performance increase, an 8-mph difference is huge at top speed from just an intake. It also shows just how important it is for an engine to breathe properly.

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Eventuri intakes are not cheap. In fact, they cost more than some really good coilover suspension setups. However, they clearly work well and they’re beautiful works of automotive art. So if you have an Audi RS3 and want to give it a bit of an extra kick while also giving it some presence with the hood up, grab yourself one and don’t look back.

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