VIDEO: Even children don’t like the Audi S6 Avant’s fake exhausts

When the new generation of Audi S6 switched from a monstrous twin-turbocharged V8 to a turbo-diesel V6 (in Europe), most fans were incredibly disappointed. Its lack of horsepower and excitement is not made up for by its newfound torque and efficiency. We all want the old V8 back, regardless of how punchy the new diesel engine is. Having said that, the most egregious change with this new model is its fake exhausts.


On the back of the new Audi S6 Avant, there are what seem like quad exhaust pipes. Upon closer inspection, however, you’ll notice that those quad pipes are actually fake. They lead to nothing. Instead, they’re filled with black plastic and it looks incredibly cheap. What’s worse is that if you look under the car, real exhaust pipes end just before the fake ones begin. So why even put the fake ones there? No one seems to like it, so we have no idea why Audi insists on such fakery.

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To prove that no one likes it, Car Throttle decided to bring along a four-year old child to check the Audi S6 out and to give his opinion on the fake exhausts. Of course, it’s not a random four year old, that would be creepy.


In this new video, CT’s Alex takes Lucca, the four year old, in the Audi S6 for a drive. Most importantly, though, he shows Lucca the trickery at the back end of the car to see what he thinks of it. Immediately upon seeing the fake exhausts, Alex asks him what he thinks of them and he says he doesn’t like them. When asked why, his answer is simple: “Because they’re supposed to be real.”

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Perfectly said, Lucca. We agree wholeheartedly. Now if we can just convince Audi to agree, too, we’d be in business. Also, stop turning ‘S’ cars into diesels, Audi.

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