VIDEO: Edmunds drives the Audi e-tron in Abu Dhabi

Audi launched its e-tron SUV to the press quite a while ago in Abu Dhabi, which is a bit of an odd place to launch an electric SUV. However, it was also a great place to do so because it allowed Audi to show off the e-tron’s impressive heat and battery management capabilities, while also showing that its electric Quattro all-wheel drive can handle some sand. In this new video from Edmunds, we get to see the Audi e-tron in UAE capital and what it can do.


For starters, the Audi e-tron is the brand’s first-ever SUV and it packs two electric motors, one at each axle, along with a battery pack that can provide 248 miles of range. That in itself isn’t that impressive, because there are a few electric SUVs that offer similar specs.

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However, what makes the Audi e-tron stand out is the fact that it has 150 kW charging capability, which is an industry-best and can charge the e-tron from 0-80 percent in just thirty minutes. Admittedly, you need to find an Electrify America (Audi’s charging partner in the US) charging station to utilize its fast charging but that’s till seriously fast.

Also, the Audi e-tron has the most advanced battery cooling and heat management tech in the industry. So even in Abu Dhabi’s scorching desert heat, its batteries remain nice and cool. It can also do as many consecutive 0-60 mph launches you’d like, until the battery goes flat, without overheating. Launch a Tesla Model X twice and its battery pack will ask for a cool down.

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According to Edmunds Mark Takahashi, the e-tron is also a surprisingly willing dance partner. It’s no sports car, obviously, being that it’s a very heavy EV SUV, but it’s more agile than it sounds and it’s more fun to drive than the aforementioned Tesla.


Overall, the Audi e-tron is a very impressive first attempt at an electric car from the Ingolstadt-based brand. It’s a well-rounded, well thought out electric car that seems to do a little bit of everything. If there’s an EV on the market that can easily pull traditional customers over to the electric side, it’s the e-tron.


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