VIDEO: Doug DeMuro drives the Audi Q8

With the Audi Q8, the four-ringed brand finally has a stylish SUV to take on the BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE-Class. Its styling has garnered very mixed reviews, with some fans liking it and some hating it. No two ways about it, though, the Q8 is far more visually interesting than its Q7 sibling, which looks like a generic premium SUV. To see if the Audi Q8 is more than just some “cool” styling, Doug DeMuro recently tested it out.

In this new video, DeMuro points out all of the Q8’s “quirks and features” and there are a surprising amount of them. For instance, while most people complain about the grille of the new Audi Q8 but we can guarantee that most people overlooked the little orange reflectors hidden in the headlights, to comply with American regulations. This allows Audi to have the reflectors while not just slapping a couple reflectors on the outside.

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Another oddity about the Audi Q8 is its welcome sound. When you get into the Q8 and start it, there’s some relaxing, instrumental welcome music but it’s kind of long and loud. Admittedly, the sound volume can be adjusted, or turned off completely, but it’s still kind of odd.

One interesting “quirk” that I honestly didn’t know prior to this is the fact that the new Touch Response MMI screen actually has a cleaning mode. One huge complaint of all touchscreen infotainment systems is that they’re fingerprint magnets. Audi being Audi of course thought of this and developed a cleaning mode, which when activated temporarily disables both screens to allow you to clean it without pressing anything. Pretty clever.

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But what does DeMuro think about how it drives? Well, it’s very comfortable and quiet. Despite being a bit “sportier” than the Q7, it’s still a luxury SUV. And despite riding on wheels bigger than most manhole covers, it rides surprisingly comfortably. DeMuro also comments on how quiet it was inside, claiming that a few planes flew past quite low to the ground and he could barely hear them. So it’s still a very luxurious machine.

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