VIDEO: Doug DeMuro drives the Audi A8

When a car company makes a flagship, it must make a car that best represents what the brand is capable of. In terms of a luxury flagship, it must pack the very best technology, engineering and luxury the brand has to offer. That’s a bit tricky because a luxury flagship has to sort of blow you away with its impressive tech and luxury. In the new Audi A8, the folks in Ingolstadt have attempted this very thing. So does the A8 have enough luxury and tech to blow people away? Doug DeMuro found out.

In this latest video, Doug DeMuro takes a look at the Audi A8, in his usual search for “quirks and features”. Thankfully, the A8 has plenty of both and it’s quite interesting to see. Typically, a car review talks about steering, handling, engine and tech. But you don’t often get to see the nitty-gritty of a car, how most of its tech works and how certain features work. You get to see that in this video.

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Some of the things DeMuro gets into include the infotainment system, the rear seat luxuries and the strange workaround for Audi’s pulsing turn signals in America.

The biggest point of interest is probably the infotainment system, though. Audi’s new dual-touchscreen MMI system is the biggest point of criticism for its new cars’ interior design. The lack of physical controls has many enthusiasts worried, especially those who already own an Audi with the current swivel wheel MMI controller. However, as DeMuro points out, there are some real advantages to having touchscreens, more so than just looking cool.

Even crazier than what’s in this video is that there’s so much more the A8 has to offer than seen here. Things like the optional foot massager (which wasn’t equipped on DeMuro’s test car) and the active suspension that can raise and lower when needed, even in specific areas. It can even raise one side or another to brace for a side impact, as raising one side will force the impact into the lower sill of the chassis, which is the strongest point, keeping the occupants away from the crash.

So as far as luxury flagships go, the Audi A8 seems pretty impressive. Check out this video to see why.

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