VIDEO: Doug DeMuro drives the original Audi R8 V8

When the world first saw Tony Stark driving the brand-new Audi R8 back in 2008, in the first Iron Man film, it gasped. “Is he driving an Audi? Isn’t that the brand that makes sedans for yuppies?”, people thought. However, the original Audi R8 has become one the most iconic cars of its generation. Its Harrier-jet looks, spectacular V8 engine and superb handling make it one of the best cars from the mid-to-late-’00s. Now, it’s become a very popular pre-owned car, so YouTuber Doug DeMuro has driven it to show off why it’s such a great car.

The Audi R8 is truly an example of a Halo-car done properly. DeMuro compares it to the Lexus LFA, a car which most customers, especially Lexus customers, don’t even know exists. Audi put the R8 in front of the entire world by launching it in the first Iron Man movie and putting it in the hands of Robert Downey Jr. Audi also priced it properly, by keeping it competitive with the Porsche 911. So it wasn’t too expensive, like the LFA, but it was expensive and premium enough to show the brand in a new light.

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It also looked like absolutely nothing on the road. We’ve become accustomed to the original R8’s looks, and are now jaded by the new Audi R8’s looks, but it’s still a brilliant looking car. It’s low, wide and dynamic looking, showing off its mid-engine layout in its design as well as any other supercar. It’s still one of the most stunning cars of the past few decades.

DeMuro shows off all of the weird quirks and features of the Audi R8 but there really aren’t many. In fact, the Audi R8 is actually quite sensible for a supercar, with really usable and smart design features. The lack of oddities in the R8 prove that it really was one of the first usable mid-engine supercars. The interior is even really intelligently laid out and comfortable to sit in, with several cubbies to store stuff.

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But the star of the original Audi R8 is its engine, something not touched on too much in this video. The brand’s 4.2 liter, naturally-aspirated V8 is a masterpiece. It revved out to 8,250 rpm and made the most incredible noise on the way there. While it only made 430 hp and took 4.2 seconds to get from 0-60 mph, which is practically slow by today’s standards, it’s still fast enough to be very fun and exciting.

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