VIDEO: Doug DeMuro Checks Out the V10-Powered C6 Audi S6

The mid-2000s were wild for Audi, with the four-ringed brand debuted several cars that shocked enthusiasts the world over. Cars like the original Audi R8, the 4.2 liter V8-powered Audi RS4 Avant, and the V10-powered C6 Audi S6 all made the enthusiast world do a double-take. While the R8 stole the headlines, the C6 Audi S6 was a sneakily shocking car, as it looked like a traditional and sensible Audi sedan, which is what the brand was famous for building. However, it actually packed a 5.2 liter naturally-aspirated V10.


In this new video from Doug DeMuro, we get to see the C6 Audi S6 from 2008 to see just how quirky and awesome it truly was.

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The C6-generation S6 came at a weird time, as the entire automotive industry was becoming more tech-focused and technologies that we use now were just starting to debut back in its time. For instance, the 2008 Audi S6 was available with adaptive cruise control, voice activated controls, and even a solar-panel sunroof. While those technologies are a commonplace now — with the exception of the solar-powered sunroof, as that’s not really a thing anymore — they were revolutionary for a car in 2008.

C6 Audi RS6 Avant — It Looks Close Enough…


DeMuro also talks about the engine, which was originally borrowed from the Lamborghini Gallardo. In the Lamborghini, it was actually a 5.0 liter V10 but Audi wanted more low-end torque and less peaky power, for sedan-duty. So it stroked the engine out to 5.2 liters and detuned it to 435 horsepower. While that might not sound like a ton of power by today’s standards, remember that the current Audi S6 makes 444 horsepower, only nine more ponies than the C6-gen car.

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If there’s a downside to the C6 Audi S6, it’s that it isn’t particularly fun to drive. It feels sort of like a normal-ish Audi A6 sedan, which isn’t exactly what you’d expect from a car with a Lamborghini-derived V10 engine. Still, it’s comfortable, great looking, and sports an incredible engine. For a cool daily driver, the C6 Audi S6 is hard to beat for the money at the moment. So long as you can afford the repair bills…


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