VIDEO: Doug DeMuro checks out the Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini has been under Audi’s wing for years now, with the first-gen Audi R8 V10 being the beginning of the parts-sharing between the two brands. However, the Italian brand’s latest vehicle, the Lamborghini Urus, is the biggest example of parts-sharing between Ingolstadt and Sant’Agata, as the Urus is essentially an Audi Q8 underneath its angular skin. Though, that doesn’t mean it’s without some typical Lamborghini flair, as Doug DeMuro recently found out.

In this new video, DeMuro goes through the Urus, on his typical hunt for “quirks and features” and the big new Lambo has a ton of them.

First, the exterior the Lamborghini Urus has so obviously been designed around the Q8’s chassis. Its wide hips, aggressively raked roofline and just overall shape are all clearly Q8-based. However, it does look like a Lamborghini, even if it’s a rather odd looking one. While cars like the Countach were incredible looking, in a sort of overly extravagant way, the Urus just looks a bit messy, a but too busy.

Inside the Urus, though, things get much nicer. While the overall design is also a bit too busy, the leather and quality just looks spectacular. We haven’t yet sat in one but this video really shows off how well made the Urus is on the inside. I guess Lamborghini needs to justify spending $300,000 on what is essentially an Audi Q8…

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Now, we admit, the Urus isn’t just a rebadged Q8. It’s the fastest production SUV on the planet and probably the best handling as well. It’s a vicious thing that would put some genuine high-performance sports cars to shame. However, it still sports an Audi engine, albeit a highly-tuned one, so it gets a 4.0 liter twin-turbo V8 makes 640 hp.

We want to drive the Lamborghini Urus, mostly out of sheer curiosity. It’s the baddest, angriest, most hexagonal SUV on the market and there’s no way we’d turn down a drive in it.  Sadly, this video is the closest we’ll get for some time. Check it out.

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