VIDEO: Detailing a classic Lamborghini Countach

It’s Friday and that means the weekend is basically here. If you’re a family man or woman, weekend’s typically mean housework needs to be done. All the stuff that you couldn’t do during the week is done on the weekend. Mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters and washing the car. For many car enthusiasts, that last part actually isn’t work, it’s a labor of love.

Many car enthusiasts genuinely enjoy washing, cleaning and detailing their cars. They spend hours meticulously cleaning each and every aspect of the car, insuring that no spot is missed and no blemish goes unnoticed. I thought I knew quite a lot about washing cars. I’ve paid for expensive waxes, fancy soaps and special wash clothes. However, it turns out I know nothing about washing cars, as I was just taken to school by a man named Richard Tipper who owns a car detailing service called Perfection.

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Perfection is a car detailing service that comes right to your doorstep and can detail your car in your driveway. It can take all day, sometimes even two, to get done. But it’s probably the best detail you’ll see for a long time. Tipper works for a lot of his clients himself and takes an absurdly thorough approach to detailing his clients’ high-priced cars. In this video, we see Tipper detailing a classic Lamborghini Countach owned by Harry Metcalfe, founder of EVO magazine.

Metcalfe had Tipper detail his Countach so he could take it to the Salon Prive Concours d’Elegance. So the idea is to make his classic Countach seem as original and as beautiful as possible. Tipper does an incredible job at cleaning and detailing this classic Lamborghini and making it shine but without taking away any of its originality. In fact, he brings the originality back out of it, making it seem as if it had just rolled off the line in the ’70s.

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The process is fascinating and the attention to detail is impressive. If you like classic cars, if you like cleaning cars, or if you just like cars in general, this video is worth a watch. Check it out.

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