VIDEO: Daniel Abt’s 1-of-1 ABT Audi A1 is Awesome

Not many Audi enthusiasts have great aspirations to tune the Audi A1. Being an economical city car for premium buyers, the A1 isn’t exactly a thrilling enthusiast’s car. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be, as Daniel Abt recently proved.


In this new video, we get to see Daniel Abt’s new ABT-tuned Audi A1, which is just one-of-one in the world. To say that Abt’s tuned A1 is extreme looking would be an understatement. It features an entire new hood, with a large bulge and louvers; an entirely new lower front fascia, with a massive front lip and canards; a massive rear diffuser, with dual exhausts; a roof-mounted wing; lowered suspension; new wheels; and, of course, more power. It also gets massive fender blades, like a MINI John Cooper Works GP.

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We get to see Abt drive the one-of-one Audi A1 in this video and it sounds like a swarm of radioactive bees, thanks to its engine tune and new exhaust. While it’s not the most musical of exhaust notes, the small turbo-four doesn’t provide much to work with and its hilariously angry sounds fits the look of the car.


Inside, the Audi A1-by-Abt features a ton of carbon fiber, Alcantara everywhere, and even a steering wheel pulled from an Audi R8. The latter was also then trimmed in carbon fiber and Alcantara, naturally.


While putting that much money into an Audi A1 might not seem very wise, as you can probable get something like an Audi RS5 for the same money, it does make for a very interesting city car. If you live in a dense, urban city, and don’t want something bigger than the A1 but have the money to spend on something more exciting, you might want to looking into tuning an A1 to look and feel like Abt’s.


Nico DeMattia

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