VIDEO: Daniel Abt takes passengers in his 1,200 hp electric Audi RS3

We’ve been watching a lot of Daniel Abt’s YouTube channel as of late. Abt is one of the drivers for Audi’s Formula E team and he’s been showing off the all-electric Audi RS3 that his team contributor Schaeffler has built. First, he drag raced a trio of supercars and destroyed them all. Then he unofficially broke the world record for driving in reverse. Now, he uses the electric RS3 to taxi around some passengers with serious speed.

In this new short video, Abt takes some pedestrians in his car with him and laps them around a short autocross course. With its 1,200 hp and explosive speed, passengers were given one helluva ride.

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The video shows a couple of passengers in the car and we get to see and hear their reactions. It’s hilarious to watch their genuine shock at how violently fast it is. With its all-electric torque, passengers are genuinely shocked at how fast and how instantaneous the electric Audi RS3 fires off the line and out of corners. It’s an odd sensation, being in something so powerful and so explosive.

Abt even gets it sideways a bit in a few corners and seeing the passengers’ eyes widen and hands clench is funny to see. It’s so fast and so wild that people who aren’t used to it are going to feel very odd.

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This video is fun and worth a watch, as it proves electric cars can be every bit as exciting and thrilling as internal combustion engine cars, even in Motorsport. Though, with almost 1,200 hp and a stripped out interior, Abt’s electric Audi RS3 is basically a race car, regardless of its powetrain. So of course it’s going to be exciting. We can’t wait to see what other sort of crazy shenanigans Abt has in store for future videos.

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