VIDEO: Daniel Abt drifts the Audi e-tron in Namibia

The Audi e-tron has already been revealed but, despite that, Audi still invited journalists and professional drivers to test out camouflaged testers in the Namibian desert. We’ve read a couple of reviews from that event, with some journalists claiming that the e-tron is surprisingly hilarious to drive in the desert and sand, as it can become a genuine drift weapon, something that can’t be said of most electric cars. So what happens when professional electric hot shoe Daniel Abt gets his hands on an Audi e-tron in the sand?

This video shows off exactly what happens when Abt takes the e-tron into the Namibian desert. If you don’t already know, Abt is one of the team Audi ABT Shaeffler Formula E drivers, so he knows his way around an electric performance car. He also gets to drive a nearly 1,200 hp electric Audi RS3 and has done some pretty silly things in it. So he can probably handle the Audi e-tron better than anyone.

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Audi set up a sort-of road course in the sand and it’s impressive to watch the e-tron slide through it, kicking its tail out and reigning it all back in to keep it nice and tidy. It has two electric motors, one at each axle, giving it real-time torque vectoring all-wheel drive but Audi has tuned it to respond just like Quattro should. And watching it step out and be playful in the sand is really cool.

One of the other reasons Audi brought the e-tron to Namibia was the heat. Audi is very proud of the e-tron’s thermal management, which allows the electric powertrain and batteries to stay cool, even in extreme heat while under extreme load. So you can drive the e-tron hard, even in blistering desert heat, and it won’t overheat or lose power. That’s remarkable, to be honest, and it’s probably the only electric car capable of this extreme heat/driving.

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If you’re curious about the Audi e-tron, this video is worth a watch. It really disproves the theory that electric cars, or even electric SUVs, can’t be fun.

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