VIDEO: Daniel Abt does 200 km/h in reverse in Schaeffler Electric Audi RS3

We just watched this electric Audi RS3, a project car made by Audi Sport’s Formula E partner Schaeffler, take down three genuine supercars. In a drag race, the electric RS3 demolished the Audi R8 V10, the Lamborghini Huracan and even the all-new, 700 hp Porsche 911 GT2 RS. Admittedly, the electric RS3 does have 1,180 hp, so it’s a lot more powerful than the other three cars but it’s still a tiny electric sedan, so watching it slay supercars is fun. What’s even more fun that that? Watching it do it in reverse.

In this new video, Schaeffler driver Daniel Abt decides to try and unofficially break the world record speed for driving in reverse. Typically, a car’s reverse speed is severely limited due to gearing. But electric cars don’t have transmissions or differentials, so they can go very, very fast in reverse, as evidenced by this video.

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Not only does Abt attempt to break the record, though, he also drag races the Porsche 911 GT2 RS again, except the Porsche drives forward while he drives the electric Audi RS3 in reverse. That’s crazy.

During his test runs to break 170 km/h in reverse, Abt makes his concerns very known. Driving that fast in reverse is not only very odd feeling but it’s very dangerous. Being that it steers from the rear in reverse, it can spin its nose around like a brick on a string with the slightest steering mistake. At high speed, that can cause the car to flip and could be seriously dangerous. So Abt isn’t entirely excited to try this.

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However, he goes through with it anyway and he’s able to get over 180 km/h in the first few runs. Then, he lines it up next to the Porsche 911 GT2 RS, with a healthy amount of space between the two, as Abt won’t really be able to see how straight he’s driving and a slight mistake could cause the electric Audi RS3 to slam into the Porsche if they aren’t very far apart. So how does the race end? With the RS3 beating the 911. In reverse. That’s right, the Porsche 911 GT2 RS is one of the most unbelievably fast and capable supercars on the planet yet it just lost to an electric sedan driving in reverse.

After that, though, Abt decides he’s not finished testing fate and decides to break the 200 km/h barrier. During some of those runs caused Abt to spin out of control, which genuinely shook his nerves. Yet, Abt still carried on and ended up braking the 200 km/h barrier, even though he ended up spinning out again. That last spin out was the final test of his nerves and he stopped. However, he did it, he unofficially broke the record.

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