VIDEO: Crazy Audi RS7 with External Turbochargers

I’m pretty sure no one has ever driven an RS7 and though to themselves “Ya know what, this thing needs even more power.” The Audi RS7 is silly fast as it is, with 560 hp and a 0-60 mph time of 3.4 seconds. So adding more power is genuinely unnecessary. However, these Russian tuners, called Total Race, felt that the Audi RS7 just didn’t pack quite enough of a punch.

To satisfy their need…for speed (shameless Top Gun plug), they replaced the 4.0 liter TFSI engine’s two turbochargers with massive external ones that stick out from the top of the engine. To fit these monster snails, they basically just removed the hood. It’s a bit odd. Actually, it’s freakishly strange, but one cannot deny that it’s immensely powerful, as this Frankenstein RS7 is said to make 1,100 hp. It needs all that power in case, you know, it needs to power the next space shuttle.

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Stock Audi RS7
Stock Audi RS7

However, regardless of the immense silliness of this monster RS7, it certainly is fast. In the video, this beast takes off like a rocket. No drama, no wheel spin, just instant and violent thrust. So despite the ridiculousness, this RS7’s turbochargers make it very fast.

Would we ever build an Audi RS7 like this? No, because an RS7 is equally as luxurious and good looking as it is fast, so this completely butchers it. But if making cars absurdly fast for the sake of being fast and don’t care if it looks insane, then maybe the folks at Total Race are the right people to hire to turn your car.

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