VIDEO: Could the Audi A1 be the most luxurious small car?

Audi just revealed its latest supermini, the brand-new A1. While its predecessor was a bit bland and nondescript, even if it was a good car, this new one seems sporty, exciting and even luxurious. Carwow recently made a video, giving ten things you should know about the new Audi A1 and it could be the most luxurious supermini ever.

We won’t list all ten things here, so as to give you a reason to watch the Carwow video, but we will mention some of the things that stood out.

For instance, number three on the list is “Interior”. Inside the Audi A1, you’ll find a very exciting, very youthful interior but one that seems to also be very premium. It has a lot of different angles and eye-catching designs, so it looks modern and fresh, but it’s also simple and well laid out, making it feel smart. Materials seem to be top notch and it comes with class leading technology, such as Audi’s brilliant Virtual Cockpit and new touchscreen infotainment system. The latter of which is angled toward the driver, much like old BMWs, which makes it look a bit sporty.

It should also be fun to drive, according to Carwow. Thanks to its new chassis, available sport and adaptive suspensions and an optional six-speed manual, the Audi A1 should be one of the more exciting small cars on the market. While lower spec models will likely not be as fun to drive as something like the new Ford Fiesta ST, higher spec models, and the eventual Audi S1, should be very fun to drive.

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While we won’t be getting the new Audi A1 here in the ‘States, it’s still an exciting car. If offers a ton of luxury and premium features in a small, good looking and economical package. If we did live in Europe, especially one of the continent’s more crowded cities, the Audi A1 would be on our shortlist of cars to buy.

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