VIDEO: CNET’s Roadshow drives the Audi FE05 Formula E race car

There aren’t a great many car enthusiasts that get excited about Formula E. Despite the impressive driving skill on display, the level of speeds at which the cars reach and the technological achievements involved, most car enthusiasts just can’t get into the all-electric motorsport. However, it’s growing faster than expected and the cars involved are becoming even more impressive. The Audi FE05, part of the fifth-generation of Formula E cars (hence the name) is a good example of that, as it’s significantly improved over the FE04 from last season. In this new video from CNET’s Roadshow, Editor Tim Stevens gets behind the wheel of both.

Before Stevens gets behind the wheel, though, he talks with Team Principal and three-time LeMans winner¬†Allan McNish about the cars, their tech and the future of the sport. It’s really quite interesting to hear McNish talk about the cars and Formula E. He’s able to explain the technology, the aero and the reason for all of it in a way that even the layman can understand. His experience as a racing driver himself also allows him to give really good advice about how to drive the car, which benefits Stevens later on.

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First, Stevens jumps into the Audi FE04, last season’s car. It has significantly less power, a less sophisticated suspension and less advanced aero. But Steven’s actually says it’s a bit more fun. Due to regenerative braking, it can actually get a bit tail-happy in corners under braking, so he’s able to slide it a bit, which has to be an incredibly fun experience.

After that, Steven’s jumps into the Audi FE05 and immediately notices drastic differences. Firstly, its aero is far more advanced, keeping the car far more planted and stable. Its also gets a more sophisticated suspension, more power and better regen. And that all adds up to a car that’s much faster and actually a lot easier to drive. Though, it’s slightly less fun. Admittedly, race cars aren’t supposed to be fun, they’re supposed to be fast and the Audi FE05 is fast.

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It’s a really good video and worth watching. It shows off what it’s like to drive a proper Formula E car and just how advanced they’re getting. The sport is growing fast and anyone who actually attends it realizes how fun it can be. This video is a good example of why.

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