VIDEO: Check out this incredible 1996 Audi A4 Super Touring car

Back in the ’90s, Audi had a very dominant period in Touring Car racing throughout the world. Up until most Touring Car Championships penalized cars for having all-wheel drive, Audi’s Touring cars were almost unbeatable. Specifically, the Audi A4 Super Touring, which competed in the British Touring Car Championship, and won, back in 1996.


In this new video from JayEmm on Cars, we get an up close and personal look at the 1996 Audi A4 Super Touring and it’s an incredible piece of racing machinery. Not only does it look great from the outside but it also looks great from the inside, under the hood and even in the trunk. There’s mechanical porn everywhere you look and JayEmm thankfully gives us a great look at all of it.

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1996: The Audi A4 quattro wins seven national Super Touring Championships


Under the hood of the Audi A4 Super Touring is where the real sexiness is, though. I’ve personally never seen a racing engine bay so tidy and beautifully assembled. It’s not just because it’s clean, due to this car being owned and maintained by Audi Sport UK, but because it’s been meticulously built and engineered. The gorgeous carbon fiber work, the perfectly formed exhaust manifold and all of the stainless steel braided lines with color-coded fittings all come together to make genuine mechanical artwork.


Even in the trunk, the Audi A4 Super Touring is stunning to look at. The impeccably tidy braided lines and colored fittings, along with bespoke carbon fiber panels with the Audi logo formed into them, make it look like an auto show car, not a race car.

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1996: Frank Biela in the Audi A4 quattro


I don’t know how many proper race cars you’ve seen up close but I’ve seen many, and sat in several, and none of them have ever been close to this tidy. Race cars are utilitarian, they serve a purpose and they’re built on tight budgets, so they’re rarely pretty underneath the skin. This Audi A4 Super Touring is and it must have been incredibly expensive to make. However, we’re glad Audi made it and we’re glad this video exists, showing off just how impressive it is.

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