VIDEO: Check out this engine-swapped Audi S4 Allroad conversion

In America, Audi doesn’t sell the S4 Avant. It’s something US-based Audi fans hate, as the S4 Avant is one of the best all-around performance wagons on the market. So for North American fans that want such a car, they either have to go to a different brand or figure something out on their own. California-based tuner Pacific German decided to do the latter and essentially create and Audi S4 Allroad.


The only wagon based off of the current B9 Audi A4 sold in America is the A4 Allroad. While not a bad car in its own right, it’s nowhere near as enjoyable to drive as the Audi S4. So the tuners over at Pacific German decided to combine an Audi A4 Allroad and an S4 Sedan to make an Audi S4 Allroad.


It’s quite interesting actually. They bought two broadand-new cars; one Allroad and one S4 Sedan. Then they got to work combining the two. So they took out both powertrains and drivetrains and all of the bits that go along with them, including wiring and electronics. After that, they worked on swapping the S4 guts into the Allroad.


In the end, what they came up with was an Audi S4 Avant with larger fender flares essentially. Those fender flares actually help the look, as it looks more aggressive that way. Its Rotiform wheels don’t hurt, either. Its suspension is aftermarket and slammed, completely ridding it of the Allroad’s higher ride height. It’s also been modified to be more powerful, louder and more exciting.


Even more impressive than that is the fact that it’s a perfectly smog-legal car in California. After all, the S4’s powertrain is perfectly legal in the ‘States, as it’s sold here in Sedan form. Still, it took a lot of paperwork and time to get the engine-swapped car to pass California State smog tests.


This Audi S4 Allroad is a very cool car. It might have cost the same as an Audi RS6 Avant to make, as they had to buy two brand new cars, do all of that work and then modify it, but it’s cool nevertheless.

Nico DeMattia

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