VIDEO: Check out this Awesome First-Gen Audi S3 Nogaro Edition

Here in America, the first-gen Audi S3 isn’t very well known, because we never got it. In fact, we never even got the first-gen Audi A3, as neither was sold in the ‘States. We get both now but we missed on the first-generation of each, which is a shame because they were great cars, especially the S3. In this new video from Auditography, we get to check the first-gen S3 hatchback out.


For those unfamiliar with the first-gen Audi S3, here’s a bit of a crash-course. It was built from 1999-2003 and was built on the “8L” chassis. Its styling closely resembles the B6-generation Audi A4/S4. It was only offered as a three-door hatchback and it’s one of the coolest looking Audis from that era.

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Under the hood was a 1.8 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine, making 225 horsepower (stock), the same one that powered the punchier Audi TT. In the case of the S3, it was paired with a six-speed manual gearbox and sent power to all four wheels via Haldex all-wheel drive.


The specific Audi S3 in this video has some minor modifications, which make it very tasty. An engine tune, three inch downpipe and an upgraded intercooler bring power up to 260 horsepower. It also sits on Zito Wheels and a lowered suspension.


We’re not sure what sort of exhaust the owner has but it sounds incredible for a 1.8T. Little turbo-fours don’t sound great by nature but this might be the best sounding 1.8T we’ve ever heard. It really rips, especially when it hits the spicier part of its rev range.


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It’s also the “Nogaro Edition”, something Audi continues to do today with some of its Audi Sport models. As you might imagine, it’s painted in Nogaro Blue and features Nogaro Blue accents inside, including its Alcantara seat inserts.


The first-gen Audi S3 is a cool car and one that us ‘Mericans don’t know very well. So, for the uninitiated, check this video out and see one of the more underappreciated cars of its time.


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