VIDEO: Check out the stunning ABT Audi A1 One-of-One Widebody

Awhile back, ABT Sportsline showed off a stunning one-off project car, this ABT Audi A1 One-of-One Widebody. It’s an incredible little car that’s been heavily, heavily modified. All of those modifications take a standard A1, which is a boring, efficient city car, and turned it into a 400 hp monster.


In this new video from Auditography, we get to see the ABT-tuned Audi A1 and it looks fantastic. Its red/black color scheme is incredibly striking and its fender blades are downright badass. Sure, they look similar to those of the MINI John Cooper Works GP, but that’s not a bad hot-hatch to replicate. That roof spoiler is all its own, though, and it’s killer.

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It sounds awesome, too. To make 400 hp, ABT actually swapped in a different 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine and tuned it within an inch of its life. That’s a lot of power from just 2.0 liters and is enough to make the ABT Audi A1 very, very fast. Sure, it sounds like a hive full of angry bees, and that’s not exactly the prettiest of sounds, but it’s still fun and exciting. Plus, it sounds happy and buzzy and like it wants to play. And that’s really all you want out of a hot hatch. It doesn’t need to sound like a Jaguar F-Type.


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As usual, this video from Auditography is beautifully shot and gives us a great look at this incredibly special car. It’s  not a car that you’ll see ever, being that it’s the only one in existence. So this video is the closest we’re ever going to get, which means you should watch it and really check out the finer details of this car. For instance, it’s awesome fender blades and “One-of-One” on the seats in red. It’s an awesome car and we’re super jealous that we didn’t get to make this video.

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