VIDEO: Check out the B7 Audi RS4 and Why it’s So Special

When the subject of all-time great Audis comes up, the B7-gen RS4 has to be in the conversation. Its killer engine, surprisingly agile handling and sharp steering make it one of the most exciting cars to ever wear the four rings. In this new video from JayEmm on Cars, we get to see why the B7 Audi RS4 is so revered.


Shockingly, the RS4 featuring in this video is a sedan (or saloon), which is a bit odd, considering how much more popular Avants are on the other side of the Atlantic. Still, it’s a great looking car and one of Audi’s best.

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But the B7 Audi RS4 isn’t special because of its looks. It’s special, mostly, because of its engine. The 4.2 liter naturally-aspirated, direct-injected V8 under its hood makes a claimed 420 hp (though, it’s likely closer to 380 hp nowadays, as engines wear). It’s not the power that makes the engine so special, though, it’s the noise. It’s a V8 that screams all the way part 8,000 rpm and makes an incredible noise (see: video)


B7 Audi RS4 Avant

Interestingly, JayEmm claims that he’d take the B7 Audi RS4 over even the E92 BMW M3, a car that most enthusiasts claim to be the better driver’s car. He actually even says he’d take the RS4 over the E46 M3, a car so revered by car enthusiasts it almost has a god-like status. While both BMWs might be a bit sharper on track, it’s the RS4 that’s more exciting on the road, thanks to its brilliant engine, incredible seats and great steering.

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In Europe, the B7 RS4 ins’t an incredibly expensive car to buy. It’s no cheap, mind you, but it can be had for around £20,000-ish, which isn’t bad for a very special car and one that’s one of the last manual Audi Sport cars ever. Admittedly, the RS4 in North America is more expensive than that, because of its rarity here, but it’s still a pretty good bargain for an everyday sports car that’s as thrilling as it is.

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