VIDEO: Check Out the Audi R8 V10 RWD Performance Spyder on a Closed Road

In a recent video, YouTuber Joe Achilles had the chance to sample the all-new Audi R8 V10 RWD Performance Spyder. It’s the most powerful rear-wheel drive version of the R8 and, potentially, the most exciting to drive. To prove just how exciting it is, Audi gave the media in attendance the chance to sample the new rear-drive R8 Spyder on a stunning closed road in Spain, as seen in this follow up video from Achilles.


This video might not add any new information about the Audi R8 V10 Performance Spyder but that doesn’t really matter. What really matter is that the video shows off how fun and exciting the car can be. With its 562 horsepower naturally-aspirated V10 engine, 8,250 rpm redline, rear-drive layout, and its lack of roof, the drop-top R8 in this video is one of the most exciting convertibles on the road. In fact, Achilles claims it’s the best drop-top sports car he’s ever driven.

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Make no mistake, the Audi R8 isn’t as good of a sports car as something like the Porsche 911. However, it’s more exciting in circumstances such as those in this video. The Audi R8 V10 RWD Performance Spyder (someone needs to come up with a shorter name for that) provides a combination of driving thrills that just can’t be had in most other performance cars. It’s not just the speed and the athleticism to carve up corners but the razor-sharp response of a V10 engine unsaddled by turbochargers and their inherent lag, combined with the spine-tingling noise of said V10 screaming past 8,000 rpm. All of which is felt and heard without a pesky roof getting in the way. As near-perfect as a 911 is on a twisty road, it can’t provide that level of theater and drama to a drive.


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Check out this new video to see just how thrilling the new rear-drive R8 Spyder is. Achilles does a good job with his cameras and his mic to truly capture the R8 Spyder’s noise and thrills. It’s well worth the watch.


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