VIDEO: Check Out Mat Waton’s Audi RS6 Avant Spec

Having possibly the largest automotive YouTube channel in the world has its perks. Carwow’s Mat Watson gets to daily drive some incredibly machinery, as he often gets to borrow long-term loaners from car companies. His newest one is the Audi RS6 Avant and we honestly couldn’t be more jealous.


In this video, Watson walks us through his Audi RS6 Avant daily driver, all of its options, why he chose those options and what he thinks about both the car and his choices.


The most noticeable option is the bright green paintwork. It’s Audi’s Sonoma Green and he chose it because he loved the way it looked on the RS4 Avant. However, he’s not so sure he loves the way it looks on the RS6. In bright light, such as daylight, it tends to look a bit too vibrant for his tastes. However it does look much better in darker light.


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His interior choice is also a bit of a mixed bag. While it does look good in contrast with the green, the toffee-colored cabin can often be a bit too much on the eyes. No faulting his choice of open-pore wood trim, though, as it looks fabulous and its far better looking than carbon fiber trim.


He also went for the standard air suspension, which is the more comfortable option. Though, we’d prefer the Dynamic Ride Control, with its cross-linked hydraulic suspension. Not only does it help the RS6 handle better but you can say that your Audi wagon has the same sort of suspension as a McLaren.


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It’s funny to watch Watson comb through the car and all of its unique features; what he likes and what he doesn’t like. Check it out, as it might help you spec your very own Audi RS6 Avant, should you be so fortunate.


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