VIDEO: Check Out Ken Block’s Audi Sport Quattro Replica

Famous rally racer and Gymkhana street drifter Ken Block recently partnered with Audi for some future electric projects. After doing so, Audi brought Block to Germany to check out its museums and some of its iconic, historic cars. Block even had the chance to drive a few, including the legendary Audi Sport Quattro S1 rally car. In this new video, Block shows off his very own Audi Sport Quattro replica.


Interestingly, Block didn’t build this car specifically. While in Germany, Block and his Hoonigan team went to LCE, the specialists in building Sport Quattros, and bought their demo vehicle, called Turbo Monster. After that, they stripped it down, painted it white, added a subtle livery and a few other touches, and showed it off at Toyo’s display at SEMA 2021.

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Ken Block Driving the Audi Sport Quattro S1


The car itself looks incredible. It looks mostly like a stock Audi Sport Quattro, with a clean white paint and a subtle white chevron-style livery that was previously used on older Audi Sport models back in the day. The black grilles, vents, and headlight surrounds contrast the white paint well and it just has a really clean look overall. It also wears custom-designed Rotiform wheels, which are designed to look like the ’80s rally wheels from the original Sport Quattro.


LCE also doesn’t mess around with building these Audi Sport Quattro replicas. They build them exactly as Audi did back in the day; take the back half of an Audi Quattro and the front half of an Audi 4000, cut them up and stitch them together to make an ultra short-wheelbase Audi Sport Quattro. The body is then recreated entirely in carbon fiber/carbon Kevlar, so it’s ultra lightweight.

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1980: The Audi quattro, the first high-volume serial sportscar with permanent all-wheel drive, marked Audi’s entry into manufacturer-operated motor sports and revolutionized the company’s image.

Under the hood is a 2.5 liter five-cylinder engine that’s actually a bit of a Frankenstein engine. The bottom end is, shockingly, out of a Volkswagen Eurovan diesel, which is to push the displacement to 2.5 liters instead of the original Sport Quattro’s 2.2 liters. The top end is from a 20-valve five-cylinder engine from the ’90s Audi Coupe Quattro. It uses a monster Garrett G30 turbocharger and makes a whopping 737 horsepower.


Suspension is supplied by KW and it’s from their motorsport line, so not the sort of coilovers you can buy for your standard road car. It also gets a very cool carbon fiber front strut tower brace, which is just awesome.

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All in, this Audi Sport Quattro is an incredibly cool replica that’s designed to be used and abused. It’s not a show queen, like most original Sport Quattros end up being. Instead, Block is going to properly drive this car, as he should. Check it out.


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