VIDEO: Check Out ECS’ Full B8 Audi S4 Giveaway Build

ECS Tuning just recently built a B8 Audi S4 for a customer giveaway and this video shows off the full build, from start to finish. While we’ve featured certain aspects of the build already, this one video is a comprehensive look at the B8 S4’s transformation.


It started out life, obviously, as a B8 Audi A4 Facelift, with its 3.0 liter supercharged V6 and seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The stock engine made 333 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. After the various engine upgrades, including an engine tune, it now makes 422 wheel-horsepower and 399 lb-ft of peak torque. Those are dyno-rated numbers and seriously impressive for a B8 S4. You can see the tuned S4 launch and it seems to pack a lot more firepower than the stock car. While not a world-beater, it’s going to be far quicker than anyone really needs.


The supercharged S4 also received a new set of KW V3 coilovers, one of our absolute favorite suspension sets on sale. In addition to that suspension, it was also fitted with new wheels from Rotiform and Goodyear Eagle performance all-season tires. New Hawk brakes were added as well. So the B8 Audi S4 should be able to handle its increased power output.



To make it sound better, a Supersprint exhaust was fitted and it makes a world of a difference. The old supercharged V6 was one of the cooler Audi engines of its time and it makes a great noise with the right exhaust. It also sounds far better than the turbocharged V6s of current Audis.


After all of the mechanical bits were done, the Audi S4 was wrapped with a sponsored ECS Tuning livery, which features such sponsors as Liqui Moly and 034 Motorsports.


At the end of the video, ECS spins a wheel to see which lucky contestant was able to take the tuned Audi S4 home with them.

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