VIDEO: Carwow takes the Audi A6 for a spin

When the Audi A6 first made its debut, it shocked fans and journalists with how similar to the much more expensive A8 it seemed. In terms of interior design and luxury, the Audi A6 is almost as premium and luxurious as its more expensive sibling, just at a lower cost. But the A6 is designed to be a bit sportier and more enjoyable to drive. So is it? Carwow finds out in this new video.

In this video, we get a very comprehensive review of the new Audi A6. Everything from the interior technology, to the back seat, to the trunk, to the driving dynamics are reviewed by Carwow. Which is really quite helpful for buyers.

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And the Audi A6 seems to be a sensible car to buy. Up front, it’s filled with premium materials and great technology, such as its new Touch Response MMI system, Virtual Cockpit and wireless mobile phone charging. In the back, it has more space than a BMW 5 Series and some nice features as well. The trunk is also big enough. But what is it like to drive? That’s the real question.

It’s very comfortable, even on the sportier suspension, and it’s great on highways. Though, Carwow’s Mat Watson recommends the optional rear-wheel steering, which helps maneuver it around town. It will also make the car feel a bit sportier. His tester in this video is a front-wheel drive model, which isn’t ideal, so it’s not the sharpest driving A6 in the range. A Quattro all-wheel drive-equipped model with rear-wheel steering will be much nicer to drive. Still, he says the BMW 5 Series is sportier to drive. Having said that, the new A6 is grippy, capable and surprisingly fun to drive on a twisty road. It might not be the most fun car in its class but it’s not the least, either.

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So with the Audi A6, you’re getting an extremely well-rounded car that can do everything well. It might not be the best at anything but it never falls down in any specific category, never has an egg on its face. Which is why Watson claims that, if you’re in the market for a car in its class, you should just go ahead and buy it.

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