VIDEO: Carwow reviews the new Audi Q5

Replacing Audi’s best-selling SUV, the second-generation Q5 has a lot to live up to. So when it first launched, we were curious to see how well it drove, how its cabin felt and how practical it was, as these are the virtues that made it so popular among customers. Carwow has recently reviewed the new Audi Q5 to find out.

In terms of design, there’s not much that distinguishes it from its predecessor, though that doesn’t make it bad looking. Quite the contrary, actually, as it’s a handsome car with nice lines and a sharp design. It won’t knock your socks off but it’s no ogre either.

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The inside is where the Audi Q5 gathers its praise, though. Its cabin is sharp and exciting looking, while also being smartly laid out and perfectly ergonomic. The material quality is also far better than anything else in the class and comes packed with great technology, such Audi’s new MMI system and Virtual Cockpit, though they’re both optional extras.

It’s even quite practical as well, with comfy back seats that can be optioned to slide and recline, a large trunk and easily folding rear seats. However, there is a bit of a load lip in the trunk floor, which can make loading/unloading heavy objects annoying.

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If there was something to complain about, it’s the way it drives. Not that it’s bad in any way, as it isn’t but it’s almost too competent, lacking the sort of fun-to-drive dynamics of the BMW X3 or Jaguar F-Pace. Though it’s still very nice to drive, has good steering and a ton of grip. As an everyday car, it’s hard to fault the way the Audi Q5 drives.

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