VIDEO: Carwow reviews the Audi Q2

It’s no secret that the small crossover segment is the hottest automotive segment on the market. It seems as if every automaker is rushing to the drawing board to develop a new one every month, as customers simply cannot stop buying them. The problem with this is that, because all the customers want is something stylish and reasonably practical, they’re all quite dull. One of the few cars in the segment that can remedy such dullness is the Audi Q2. So is it worth buying? Carwow finds out.

Mat Watson goes through some of the odd quirks of the Q2, some of its flaws, its strengths and what it’s like to drive in this latest video review. Firstly, it looks pretty good and more interesting than most other jelly-bean style cars in its segment. It’s sharp and dynamic looking, making it looks sporty and youthful. On the inside, things are much the same, as it look sporty and tech-oriented. Although, you’ll have to pay quite a bit extra for the upgraded MMI system and Virtual Cockpit to make it look as such. Also, it doesn’t look all that different from the Audi A3.

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In terms of cargo space, its back seats are good for two adults but certainly not three. Possibly three children but even that might be tight. Fitting two car seats would be a breeze, though. Trunk space is good with the seats up and there’s a good opening to allow larger items to be stored but with the seats down, it’s a bit disappointing. Not bad, but less than some of its competition.

But the point of the Audi Q2 isn’t just to be the most practical crossover in its class. The point of the Q2 is to add some life and some excitement to a very dull segment of car. For the most part, it succeeds in that. The steering is light and accurate, the front end responds well and the chassis limits body roll while maximizing grip. And the car in the video is a front-wheel drive model. The dynamics increase with Quattro all-wheel drive.

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Overall, Watson claims that the Audi Q2 should be shortlisted if you’re looking to buy in the segment.

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