VIDEO: Carwow gets their Audi RS4 Avant tester’s door repaired

If you follow Carwow’s YouTube channel, you’d know that host Mat Watson had his 996 Porsche 911’s roof repaired by a paintless dent removal company. Paintless dent removal is when car dents are removed using taps and pulls on the sheetmetal, from both sides of the panel, to remove dents without having to repaint the car. It’s far more cost effective and keeps the car original but it’s very difficult to do properly. However, Waton’s 911 came out really well. So when a colleague of his dented Carwow’s long-term Audi RS4 Avant, he knew exactly where to take it.

In this new video, we see Watson take the Audi RS4 Avant to the same paintless dent removal company that did his 911. There, we see just what happened to the Audi, after his colleague scraped a telephone pole with it while backing into his driveway. Watson mocks him for it as well, as the Audi RS4 has a myriad of sensors and cameras that give it a surround-view parking system, so there’s really no excuse for the minor accident.

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Thankfully, it was easily repairable, while also not needing any paint. So the car remains completely original. The rear driver’s side door had quite a few dents in it but they were all taken care of and the door looks perfect afterward. Watson also ordered a new side skirt from Audi, as it’s made from plastic and paintless dent removal isn’t an option there.

It’s really cool to see the work in action, as they take the door off of the car completely and get to work removing the dents. It’s really impressive to see the originally dented door and the end result. So if you have a some dents in your car but don’t want to have it traditionally taken care of, with filler and paint, you now know where to take it.

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