VIDEO: Carwow gets an Audi RS4 Avant long-term car

Wow, Mat Watson. Rub it the eff in, man. Not only can we not get the Audi RS4 Avant and you can but you get to run one as your long-term test car? Not cool, man. All kidding aside (not really kidding, I’m super jealous), Carwow’s Mat Watson just returned his Volvo XC60 long-term test car for an Audi RS4 Avant. Typically, he asks his audience to spec the long-term loaner for him, so this video shows us what was chosen.

The first option he asked the audience to choose was the color. The color choices he gave the audience were Navarra Blue, Misano Red, Sonoma Green or Nardo Grey. It’s not hard to guess which color the audience chose — Nardo Grey. It’s the best Audi RS color you can get, even though I do have to agree with Watson in that the Sonoma green looks ace.

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Next, he asked them to choose the interior trim, between carbon fiber, anthracite or aluminum. The audience chose carbon fiber but Watson’s car has aluminum trim because he forgot to specify carbon trim to the Audi press office. We’re actually happy about that, as the aluminum trim looks better in our eyes. Carbon fiber is basically fancy plastic and the only materials that should be in a premium car’s interior are wood, leather and metal. No plastics.

He did get the audience the Lunar Silver/Grey interior combination, though, and it looks really good, especially in contrast with the Nardo Grey paint. It gets dirty easily, so he’s going to need to be a vigilant cleaner, but it looks great.

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Watson asked the audience to choose just two performance options, a combination of two of these features; carbon ceramic brakes, dynamic steering, RS Sport exhaust, adaptive dampers and the increased 174 mph top-speed limiter. The votes were overwhelmingly in favor of the exhaust and the adaptive dampers, so those are what he got. He also got the 20″ twin-spoke black-edged wheels.

So what is it like to drive and live with? Well, Watson’s not really sure, as he hasn’t been able to push it hard yet. That’s because it only has 300 miles on it and Audi recommends waiting until about 1,000 miles before revving it past 3,000 rpm. So it has quite a long break-in period. So he hasn’t even heard if the RS Sport exhaust is worth it. I’m still jealous, though.

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