VIDEO: Carwow drives the Audi Q3

Now that the new Audi Q3 is here, the four-ringed brand finally has a serious competitor in the segment. The previous Q3 was getting very old and its newer competition; such as the BMW X1, Mercedes GLA-Class and Volvo XC40; were all far better cars. This new one, though, might just be the best pick of the group, thanks to a redesigned exterior, interior and chassis. As Carwow explains in this new video.

Out the outside, the new Audi Q3 is much improved over the old car. It looks much more modern, with sharp, crisp lines and aggressive styling. Not only is it much better than the old car, it’s better looking than most of its rivals (though, the Volvo XC40 and new Range Rover Evoque have it beat for sure). Though, we’re still annoyed by Audi’s new propensity for fake exhausts. It’s infuriating, actually, because it makes otherwise premium cars look cheap.

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Inside the Q3, things are very good, though. Its design is very fresh and modern, with great technology and a ton of comfort. It has a big backseat that has more than enough room for a small family and a practical trunk. Is it perfect? No. The rear seats can be a bit annoying to fold down and some of the materials leave us wanting more quality. However, it’s a fantastic cabin overall and one that will surely attract younger buyers.

The best part about the new Audi Q3 is that it doesn’t fall down in corners. The old Q3 was about as enjoyable as a proctologist visit. Its steering was numb, vague and inaccurate, its ride was both sloppy and uncomfortable and it was about as slow as a tractor pulling a building. That’s sort of what you get from a decade-old platform. However, this new car has a much more dynamic chassis, far better steering/handling/ride and is much more fun to drive. In fact, Carwow’s Mat Watson claims that it’s even better than the previous segment-leader, the BMW X1. That’s impressive.

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So if you’re looking for a small, premium crossover, it’s hard to pass on the Audi Q3. Aside from maybe the gorgeous Range Rover Evoque, the Q3 seems to be the best pick of the range and it’s probably a lot more fun to drive than the Evoque will be. So, as an overall package, the new Q3 is hard to beat. Thankfully.

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