VIDEO: Carwow drives the Audi e-tron in new in-depth review

We’re fans of the Audi e-tron, here at QD. It’s not the greatest EV ever made but it’s a very high-quality, comfortable and luxurious all-electric SUV. What’s nice about the e-tron is that it isn’t trying to hard to be a flashy EV. Instead, it seems like an ordinary Audi SUV, which is intentionally done to attract traditional Audi customers. Speaking of customers, Carwow recently reviewed the Audi e-tron to see what it’s like for those who might actually buy it.

As typical with Audi, the e-tron is handsome looking but isn’t exactly the most exciting thing to look at. It has a semi-unique grille, some nice taillights and a sporty-ish shape but it really does look like just another Audi SUV. Though, that’s sort of what the brand was going for. Rather than make a futuristic looking EV pod, like the BMW i3, the Audi e-tron is designed to just look like a premium SUV that just so happens to be electric.

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Inside, it’s typical Audi as well. The fit and finish is mostly superb, though there are a few cheap plastics down low, and the design and tech are both great. The back seat is more than roomy enough for most families and it also has a practical trunk with more space than its competitors. Though, its parcel shelf is a bit annoying.

In terms of how it drives, the Audi e-tron is very much a luxury car and not a performance EV. In this video, Carwow’s Mat Watson performs a launch control 0-60 mph run and it takes a recorded 5.4 seconds. That’s hot hatch quick but it’s not exactly exciting. It also doesn’t handle with any real enthusiasm, something we noticed in our test drive of it as well. However, it suspension is lovely and very supple and its cabin is incredibly quiet. So if you’re looking for a calm and relaxing electric SUV, it’s hard to pass up on the Audi e-tron. If you want something more thrilling, go for the Jaguar I-Pace.

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