VIDEO: Carwow drives the Audi A6

Now that the embargo has lifted on journalists’ reviews of the Audi A6, you’re going to see plenty of them at once. This new one is from Carwow, which recently drove the Audi A6 in Portugal, along with the rest of the journos. We recently saw Auto Express’ review of the A6 and Steve Sutcliffe claimed that it’s surprisingly better to drive than the previous generation of A6. That review focused more on how it drove while this one focuses more on tech and options.

In this video, Carwow’s Mat Watson takes us through all of the new Audi A6’s new and interesting technology. More than that, though, he takes us through just how expensive they are and which ones are worth it.

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Some of the crazy new tech in the new Audi A6 are features like semi-autonomous driving, Matrix LED headlights and the brand’s new touchscreen MMI system. The autonomous driving Watson shows off in “Virtual Reality”, which is actually just him with a GoPro mounted to his head while driving. But Audi gave journalists a chance to experience it in VR.

As for the MMI system, Watson shows us it and how it works. His opinion aligns with ours in that it works really well while stationary, and it looks very good, but it can be a bit tricky to use on the move, as all touchscreens are. Sure, it looks a lot cooler than the old MMI system but we will likely miss that system’s physical rotary control and buttons.

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In terms of driving, Watson claims that the new Audi A6 is more setup for comfort than dynamics. His car was fitted with the optional air suspension, as was Auto Express’, so maybe there will be an optional sport suspension to make it a bit tighter. However, with that air suspension, he claims that it’s an excellent highway cruiser and that it’s very comfortable. It’s not the most thrilling sedan to drive but it’s certainly capable, thanks in no small part to its four-wheel steering.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the Audi A6 and see how it stacks up to the old car. From what we’re hearing, though, it’s quite promising.

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