VIDEO: Carwow drives the Audi A1 Sportback

The last Audi A1 video review we saw featured a pretty base model example of Audi’s new subcompact and it was a bit underwhelming. However, this new video from Carwow features one with some more upgraded features and, more importantly, an S-Line package. And it seems to make a world of a difference.

Both in terms of looks and driving, the S-Line trim is way to go for the Audi A1. Firstly, it looks great, especially in the blue that it’s wearing in this video. The sportier trim pieces, larger wheels and lowered ride height all combine to make the Audi A1 a very good looking, cool little car.

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Inside, that S-Line package helps again. It gives the A1 sportier, more comfortable seats and some aluminum trim. The car in this test also has a lot of upgraded interior packages, which gives it a lot of cool tech, including the larger touchscreen MMI system and full-color ambient lighting. Though, the design in general is really cool looking, with the dash that’s slanted toward the driver and digital dials.

It’s also surprisingly practical for such a small car. The back seats aren’t bad at all for children, though they’d be a squeeze for any adult. The trunk is also sensibly sized for the size of the car and has some practical under-floor space. So for someone who needs a practical city car, the Audi A1 can meet a lot of needs.

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More importantly, the Audi A1 handles better with the S-Line package. Its lowered, stiffened suspension makes it sharper and more dynamic to drive. Sure, it’s not as comfortable as the standard car, or the cheaper Volkswagen Polo as Carwow’s Mat Watson points out, but if you’re buying a car like the Audi A1 S-Line, that’s likely what you want.

Overall, Watson claims you should shortlist the Audi A1. It’s a good looking, fun little car with great technology and more than enough practicality. It’s a bit expensive for its segment but that extra money buys you class-leading style and technology. So it’s probably worth it.

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