VIDEO: Carwow drives 2017 Audi Q3

Audi recently updated its Q3 SUV, the oldest in the brand’s line of crossovers. It was in dire need of a refresh, as it’s still based on VW/Audi’s old Volkswagen Golf platform and uses relatively ancient technology. However, despite Audi’s best efforts, it’s still not up to snuff to its newer SUVs. But is the Audi Q3 still worth buying? Carwow finds out.

In this latest video, Mat Watson takes a look at its design, interior, technology and driving dynamics. We drove the pre-refresh Q3 last year and were deeply unimpressed, going as far as to call it dull and boring. In fact, it lost our comparison test to the BMW X1. This new car changes some things but it still remains the same dull SUV as it’s always been. However, that might work for a lot of customers.

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On the outside, it does look better. It’s got new headlights, taillights (that pulse) and some new interior styling. This will help keep it looking fresh and it isn’t a bad looking car, even if its proportions are a bit odd. Inside, it’s a fine place to spend some time, with a comfortable seating position, a nice enough design and quality materials throughout. It is an Audi after all.

Though, its technology is significantly lacking compared to modern Audis. It still uses the brand’s old MMI system, with a pop-up screen and the control wheel mounted on the dash. It’s not a bad unit but it feels dated and lacks a lot of the features modern Audis have. Buyers who like their technology will likely want to pass on the Audi Q3.

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In terms of the way it drives, it’s still quite dull. Not that it’s bad, it just lacks any sort of real excitement. It’s comfortable, though, and will provide a serene and relaxing commute to work for anyone that isn’t interested in dynamic handling. It also has good back seat space and a decent trunk. So small families that value comfort and practicality over performance and dynamics will like the Audi Q3 quite a bit.

Overall, Watson advises buyers to “Shortlist” the Q3, as it’s still a good car that provides enough value to average buyers. It’s lacking in driving enjoyment and technology, but if you’re more into comfort and practicality, the Audi Q3 is still a great car. In our opinion, the Audi Q2 is probably the better bet, as it’s cheaper, more fun to drive, cooler looking, packed with Audi’s latest tech and almost as spacious. But if you need the extra size, the Q3 isn’t a bad option.

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