VIDEO: Cars.co.za drives the Audi Q8 3.0T — Could it be a new Dream Car?

We just had an Audi Q8 for a week and we took up to the heart of New York State to give it a proper long-distance test. During our travels, we found it to be an excellent road-trip companion and one that we’d happily take for a long distance drive again. It’s a car that doesn’t really make sense on paper but seems to make perfect sense when you drive it.

In this new video from Cars.co.za, presenter Ciro De Siena seems to feel the same way.

It all starts with the way it looks. The Audi Q8’s design might be one of the most polarizing in the industry. Some enthusiasts hate the way it looks, pointing to its gaping mouth and unnecessary “coupe” design. Some enthusiasts seem to love it, though. In fact, during our time with it, we received more positive comments from bystanders and passersby than almost any other test car we’ve had. De Siena mentions a similar experience.

But is it any good to drive? The answer really depends on what you expect out of the Audi Q8. If you’re looking for a sharp driving SUV in the same vein as the Porsche Cayenne, you’ll be disappointed. However, if you’re looking for a stable, competent and extremely comfortable long-distance cruiser, it will never let you down. It can cruise at triple-digit speeds, with rock solid stability, as easily as it can putter around town. It’s semi-fun to drive when the road gets twisty but not as enjoyable as a Cayenne or a Jaguar F-Pace.

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Overall, it seems that the Audi Q8 is a very good SUV and one that will become a dream car of sorts for a lot of customers, according to De Siena. He’s not wrong. Its stylish looks, futuristic interior and impressive luxury will make it a dream car for a lot of customers who need an SUV.

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