VIDEO: Carfection talks Audi RS3 Sedan with Stephan Winkelmann

We’re naturally very excited about the Audi RS3 Sedan. It offers American enthusiast an opportunity to finally taste the RS3, as the Sportback model was never made available for the North American market. However, it seems some European enthusiasts are quiet excited about it as well and Carfection was at the 2016 Paris Motor Show to get a good look at it, as well as talk to Stephan Winkelmann, boss of Audi’s Quattro GmbH.

In the video, Carfection host Alex Goy talks about the RS3 “Saloon” (sedan in ‘Merica speak) and seems quite excited about it. He rather likes the current RS3 Sportback which only produces 367 hp. This new one makes 400 hp and it’s something Goy is pretty baffled by, considering, as he mentions, that the Ferrari 360 made 400 hp and that was only around a decade ago. So a small Audi family sedan can develop the same power as a Ferrari 360. Impressive.

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Audi RS 3 Sedan

He then interviews Stephan Winkelmann, who recently took over Quattro GmbH, the maker of all Audi R and RS models, as he was previously with Lamborghini. Having spent time with Lamborghini, Winkelmann knows a thing or two about performance cars. He talks about how the RS3, with so much power in such a small car, is a great starting point for the RS brand. It offers an incredibly performance package at an affordable price and that will bring people into the RS brand to then move upward.

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