VIDEO: Carfection takes a close look at the 2020 Audi RS6 Avant

Audi just recently dropped a bombshell by announcing the new 2020 Audi RS6 Avant. Not only did it release the highest-performing, most technologically-advanced RS6 ever but it also announced that it will be coming to America for the first time in history. Needless to say, we’re excited about it. So when Carfection gives us a closer look, we naturally take notice.

In this video, Carfection’s Henry Catchpole walks us around the new Audi RS6 Avant to show us bot its exterior and interior. But let’s start with the exterior. The entire car is new on the outside, with the exception of three body panels that it share with the standard A6 Avant. The rear tailgate, the roof and the front door panels are the only exterior carryovers from the A6. Every other exterior body panel or trim piece is unique to the RS6. Which is impressive. There are also some really interesting details on the outside, which Catchpole explains.

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Audi RS6 Avant

On to the interior, we get to see its subtle upgrades inside, such as its new seats which are now ventilated. However, there are some more interesting new features, such as the Virtual Cockpit’s new RS-only screen. There’s also the very cool RS Monitor, which shows all relevant car information, such as tire pressure and temperature as well as all of the temperatures for everything from the engine oil to brakes to differential oil. It’s really quite nerdy and cool.

The biggest upgrade to the interior, in my personal opinion is behind the steering wheel. Finally gone are those cheap plastic paddle shifters that every other current Audi product has, RS or otherwise. Instead, the new Audi RS6 Avant gets aluminum paddles that look slightly cooler and feel much better to touch. Thank the car gods because the plastic jobs you’ll find on current Audis are just horrible.

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Audi RS6 Avant Engine

Overall, this new Audi RS6 Avant looks incredible and we can’t wait to see it in person, as well as get our hands on it. It’s finally coming to the US so it’s actually going to be a car we’ll get to test.

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