VIDEO: Carfection drives the Audi A8 through London at night

Not every car is designed to thrill. Not every car needs to get your blood pumping to be enjoyable to drive. In fact, some cars are enjoyable to drive because they do the exact opposite, because they calm you down and relax you. That’s what the Audi A8 does, as Carfection’s Drew Stearne explains while driving it through London at night.

It’s said that London is quite enjoyable to drive through really late at night, or extremely early in the morning. The bright lights contrasted against the dark sky, the juxtaposition of historic buildings and modern skyscrapers and the rare calm, without all of the big-city hustle and bustle, make it lovely when no one’s around. It’s even more so when you’re driving around in the Audi A8.

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The Audi A8 isn’t designed to be more dynamic than the BMW 7 Series or Mercedes-Benz S-Class, it’s not designed to b thrilling to drive. It’s simply designed to make the act of driving around lovely. Its trick active suspension eats bumps and makes them disappear before you even realize they’re there. Its interior is filled with sensational luxury and technology and its cabin is so quiet that even an incredibly busy city like London disappears into the background.

Stearne says that being in the Audi A8 reminds him of sitting in the back of his dad’s car as a kid, looking up at the city lights and listening to the rhythmic hum of the engine and tire noise. He would comfortably be lulled to sleep by that rhythm and it’s a sensation he remembers fondly. While he’s not claiming that driving the Audi A8 makes him fall asleep, as that would be unsafe, it does give him a similar sense of calm and security.

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He says that as a compliment to the car and rightly points out that any car that can remind you of your childhood is a good car. Even if those memories are calm and relaxing. Not every car is designed to thrill and the Audi A8 is a great car because it does the opposite.

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