VIDEO: Carbuyer drives the new Audi A1

We’ve been excited about the Audi A1 since we first saw it. With its more aggressive style, modern interior and class-leading tech, we figured that the new A1 could become the benchmark in the segment. In this new video from Carbuyer, we find out if we were right.

On the outside, it’s a sporty looking premium hatchback with some aggressive styling cues that Audi claims pay hommage to the original Audi Sport Quattro. Though, that’s a bit of hyperbole on Audi’s part. Sure, there are a few design touches that, if you squint hard enough, you can sort of envision an Audi Quattro, such as the flared rear wheel arches. Aside from that, though, and this just looks like a modern Audi hatchback. A handsome modern Audi hatchback, but no Sport Quattro.

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Inside, there’s no past inspiration. Instead, it’s all slick, modern and high-tech. It features some pretty good as-standard kit, including the large touchscreen infotainment system and digital gauges. Though, it doesn’t get the same touchscreen climate controls as you’ll find in the Audi A6 or A7. Personally, I actually prefer this set up, as I like physical buttons, but I can see how some tech-happy customers might not like that as much.

As for the drive, the Audi A1 seems to be as expected. It’s a fine little hatchback to drive but it’s obviously no hot-hatch, nor is it the softest. It’s fun to drive but nothing crazy and it’s comfortable enough for daily driving. It is quiet inside, though, which makes it a nice commuter car for customers who live in busy urban cities.

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Overall, this new Audi A1 seems to be exactly what we thought it would be and exactly as it should be. The A1 isn’t meant to be a sports car nor a luxury car. It’s designed to be a comfortable, stylish and fun little hatchback with great tech and interesting style. It is all of those things. It could be cheaper, though.

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