VIDEO: Carbuyer drives Audi A5 Sportback

We have a bit of Audi A5 Sportback fever at the moment. The fact that it’s finally making its way to the North American market has got us all giddy inside, like kids on Christmas. It’s a good time for us ‘Merican Audi enthusiasts. So when we see a video review of the new A5 Sportback, naturally we want to talk about it.

In this new video from Carbuyer, we see the reason why you should buy the A5 Sportback over the standard Audi A5 Coupe — practicality.

With a hatchback body style, four doors and large trunk, the Audi A5 Sportback looks every bit as sleek and sporty as its Coupe sibling, only with added practicality. The back seat has more than reasonable foot, knee and head room for two adults. Though fitting three adults abreast seems damn near impossible. So the A5 Sportback is a strict four-seater, but that’s not really such a bad thing considering it offers significantly more space than the Coupe. It also has a rather spacious trunk that can swallow up quite a few suitcases with ease. And with rear seats that fold almost completely flat, it can fit quite a lot of gear and even carry long items with the hatch open.

From the front seat, things are exactly the same as in the A5 Coupe and even the Audi A4. That’s to say it has a brilliant cabin, as this is the best cockpit in the segment. It’s sharp, clean and minimalist in a way that seems luxurious and high-tech. There’s also the fantastic Virtual Cockpit as an option (which is equipped in this video) and Audi’s new MMI system.

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As far as driving dynamics, it’s essentially the same as the A5 Coupe. That’s not a bad thing and, to be honest, its dynamics probably suit it better than the Coupe. Its added practicality makes its dynamics slightly less paramount than in the Coupe, which is expected to be more exciting.

All in all, the A5 Sportback seems to be a dynamite all-around car that combines sleek good looks with a great cabin, fun-to-drive dynamics and great practicality all in one cohesive package. We can’t wait until it makes it to the ‘States.

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