VIDEO: Car Throttle bought a half-million-mile Audi A4

Anyone that tells you that Audi’s are poorly-built, unreliable cars, tell them to shove it and watch this new video from Car Throttle. Recently, Jack from CT was involved in a frankly ridiculous crash, where a truck pit-maneuvered him and pushed him down the road, ruining his VW Golf GTI. So while waits for that to get fixed, he needs transportation and decided that buying a cheap, £200 ($264) car is better than spending similar money on Uber and mass transit. What the guys from CT found for him to buy was a B6-gen Audi A4 with over half a million miles.


That’s right, they bought a B6 Audi A4 with 541,000 miles on the odometer for £200. That sounds like it would be a nightmare, a car that barely runs, if at all, a car filled with rust and mold and bodily fluids. Yet, when they arrived at the dealer, the little silver B6 A4 1.9 TDI was in shockingly good shape.

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B6 Audi A4 Interior (Not Shown in Video)


On the outside, there’s a bit of a dent on the rear left quarter panel, there are some stains on the inside (as well as some very gross stains on the front seatbelts) and the thermostat is a bit bad. The clutch is also quite worn but it’s the original clutch. With 541,000 miles on it. I’m literally in awe at the fact that it still works at all. The engine also runs fine and the car seems to be solid. Jack is also still driving it. It’s remarkable.


It also gives me a lot of reassurance about my own B6 Audi A4, as seeing this video has made me realize how tough it actually is. Though, it was a bit of a gut-punch when I saw that the half-million-mile A4 still has its pop-out cup holder and my 162,000 mile car’s is broken…

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